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Methods to stop smoking naturally

Methods to quit smoking naturally

Quitting smoking is a wise decision, but how can you quit smoking using natural methods to effectively get rid of this addiction to tobacco and not gain weight?

The two battles to be fought are :

  • The feeling of dependence: the more or less strong desire to smoke a cigarette
  • the nervousness linked to withdrawal, and the danger of compensating with food, which leads to a real risk of weight gain.

Natural tools exist, but whatever the preferred method, it is strongly advised to respect the prescriptions for use.

There is also a laser treatment method for quitting smoking that is very effective!

The anti-addiction plant: Kudzu

A plant of Asian origin, its roots contain flavonoids which are known to combat all forms of addiction, including cigarette and alcohol addiction.

Kudzu roots are available in capsule form in parapharmacies or herbalist shops, online or in shops.

Anti-stress and anti-nervousness herbal teas

Several plants are reputed to combat nervousness and stress linked to smoking cessation, including Valerian root, lavender flowering tops, lemon balm and rosemary leaves, to name but a few.

Their sedative and relaxing actions will not only act on the nervousness due to the lack of tobacco, but will also attenuate the nervous cravings, responsible for the weight gain at the time of the stop of tobacco.

Preference should be given to specially dosed plant mixtures available from herbalists and parapharmacies, online or in shops.


Originating from the Chinese medical tradition, acupuncture is an ancestral method consisting of the introduction of small needles on precise points of the skin, with the aim of acting in particular on stress and nervousness. The services of acupuncturists, in the context of smoking cessation, may be covered by social security and certain mutual insurance companies.


A homeopathic doctor will have the tools to advise you on homeopathic capsules to help you stop smoking.

Essential oils

Herbalists and parapharmacies, either online or in shops, specialise in the sale of essential oils to treat various ailments, including support for smoking cessation. Be careful with the use of essential oils, as specialists clearly recommend their use.


Hypnosis sessions are recognised as a natural way to stop smoking, by acting on the addiction mechanism.

Some mutual insurance companies reimburse the cost of these sessions if prescribed by a doctor.

Whatever natural method you choose, don’t hesitate to consult doctors, specialised websites and pharmacists for the most effective and safe way to stop smoking. Trusting in natural methods to stop smoking and reduce the side effects is possible, many have done it.

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